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Happy Mum of  Year 2 Child

My 6 year old daughter started having sessions with Nigel after she was falling slightly behind at school. We felt she needed a bit of extra support with her spellings, writing and maths. Nigel is extremely friendly and put our daughter at ease straight away, even though she is extremely shy, she always looks forward to her sessions. The class is structured in a way that she knows what she’ll be doing each week. Starting off with spellings, which is done in a fun way, playing games. Maths is also done in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore and she enjoys the fun element of it, which helps her to learn better. Nigel has explored different ways to help our daughter learn as a “one size fits all” approach does not always work. My daughter loves hearing Nigel’s stories and the expression he uses in his voice. We recommend Nigel for any child who needs that extra support in their learning.

Happy Dad of a Year 1 Child

My 5 year old son has been having maths tutoring from Nigel once a week for the past month.

Nigel creates a fantastic learning environment through his enthusiasm and passion for teaching. He moves on at a pace that Richie is comfortable with and makes learning fun and enjoyable through the range of activities he has planned. Most importantly for me, Nigel puts Richie at ease, providing support, empathy, and encouragement when things get tough.

As a result, Richie is more confident and has come away from each session with a beaming smile on his face.

Thanks Mr Lungenmuss-Ward!

Happy Mum of a Year 4 Child

My son has health issues which have caused him to fall behind at school, especially in maths, Mr Lungenmuss-Ward has helped him come on leaps and bounds in such a short space of time, honestly if you can afford to even an hour a week I promise you wont regret it for your child, highly recommend.

Happy Mum of a Year 6 Child

I cannot recommend Mr Lungenmuss-Ward enough! My daughter has always lacked confidence when it comes to maths and I had considered getting her a private tutor for a while, then through friends of mine I came across this page and got the ball rolling. My daughter has had 2 lessons so far and has thoroughly enjoyed both of them. She felt at ease straight away, and his method of teaching just clicks with her! He has an amazing way of making her feel confident about what she is doing and already I’m seeing that in the work that she is doing. Brilliant teacher!

Happy Mum of a Year 1 Child

My daughter is having 2 lessons a week with Mr Lungenmuss-Ward and it’s the best thing we’ve done. My daughter lacked enthusiasm and confidence with school work but since having these sessions she’s already come on, especially with her maths. He makes the lessons so much fun, explains everything so well and if she is having any problems he’s there to help! Honey enjoys her lessons so much she likes to carry them on afterwards. I would 100% recommend Mr Lungenmuss-Ward if you are looking for a private tutor.

We can’t thank him enough for doing these zoom lessons right now, for making us laugh every time and being so helpful as well as teaching Honey and giving her confidence in her work that she wouldn’t of had!

Happy Mum of a Year 4 Child

That Book Guy is a superb tutor. Each Zoom session has enabled my 8-year-old to grow in confidence as Mr Lungenmuss-Ward finds the positive in each effort, and I've seen the results flow into my son's school work at home. My child has been enjoying the Zooms so much that he's asking for extra sessions! I'm very grateful for Mr Lungenmuss-Ward's bespoke planning for the areas that I wanted to focus on and also catering to my son's personal mix of ability and need. Mr Lungenmuss-Ward has a fun, friendly manner and plenty of patience whilst maintaining high standards. Thank you!

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